I have been really blessed in life. God has blessed me with a great caring & loving family who brought
me up in the best way possible. Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia to an Egyptian father & Canadian Mother. I truly have enjoyed a global lifestyle. Living in two distant & vastly different metropolises, Cairo where I spent my early & late teenage years and Toronto where I spent my early years.

Thankfully, I was born into a family that had a passion for traveling, early family trips to Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Alexandria & more, inspired more adventures like cross country exploring
Japan & Germany amongst others. What I love most about experiencing new cultures & places, is the fact that it is a constant reminder of how beautifully ignorant one always is. Travelling also serves as a tool of self discovery, one is able to figure out things about his self that he never would have otherwise noticed at all before. You can view a top selection of my favourite travel shots here.

As early as I can remember I used to draw comics and figures, eventually it turned into a mini business of producing full on magazines/comics & selling them to family members.

After Highschool, I enrolled in the College of FineArts in Zamalek, Cairo where I intricately studied anatomy, sculpture, the history of Pharonic, Islamic & Coptic art, Wood Engraving & painting. A few years after that, Thankfully my father relocated me to Toronto where I joined the Ontario College of Art & Design. It was at 100 McCaul st, where I learnt all about Typography, Design, Art Direction, Colour Theory, European art history & philosophy. I also was very fortunate to study under some wonderful minds like Terry Iles, Martyn Anstice & Barnaby Southgate.

Again, I must give thanks to my father who encouraged me to work in the field of design at an early age. Even when I was working for free at a design studio before my first year of college, he supported me financially encouraging the pursuit of knowledge and experience above all.

Throughout my years in the field of communication & design I was fortunate to have encountered brilliant minds, like Samer Bahgat at Pulp Pictures in Cairo who taught me the basics of design and hard work, Geoffrey Roche at LoweRoche who instilled in me the desire to always do great work and never settle for mediocricy, Chad Borlase & Gary Watson from Bos who taught me allabout thinking big & the art of craft. There are many people to mention. For the complete list, see the People I respect section which is located to the right of this paragraph.

It's been over a decade since I first purchased my own domain name and have been updating my site ever since on a regular basis. Normally my site served as an online showcase for my artwork. I’ve recently added the shop section to enable people to purchase their favourite pieces as prints as well as a a veryinteractive side to the whole experience with the addition of my blog.

Ibraheem Youssef